More info on Justice Scalia murder. Suspect in custody

The man identified as the unidentified man caught on video at the hunting resort the night Justice Scalia was murdered has been captured trying to flee the country. He is being held and questioned as a possible terrorist at an undisclosed location.

What we know from reports coming out of the Justice Department is that the man is in his mid to late 50s and is most likely responsible for at least a dozen politically motivated assassinations. He is also being questioned about involvement with the Vince Foster case, which means there is at least some suspicion that he is on the Clinton payroll. His involvement with Scalia also puts him in cahoots with Obama’s Deep State shadow government. No other information about the shooter himself is available but there has been talk about Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch being put into protective custody on information that there may be a hit out on him. Authorities have been unsuccessful in obtaining warrants or any substantive evidence that could implicate the Clintons or Obama. Trey Gowdy is opening an investigation in congress later today. H/T Hannelore Morton


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