Rage Makes Right

Yesterday the White House correspondent for Time magazine, actual Time magazine, said the Martin Luther King bust in the White House had been removed on Trump’s orders. Not true. It hadn’t been touched. It’s where it has always been. Also yesterday, the Mail, the Independent, Esquire and others reported that Trump’s first act was to take down the LGBT pages from the White House website, in what Pink News called a “purge” of LGBT rights, giving rise to a wild Twitter-panic about Trump “erasing” homosexuals. This also wasn’t true. Every time in the modern era that a new president has taken office, the old president’s web pages, on everything from social issues to business concerns, have been moved to an archive — where they’re still available for reading — while the website is reoriented around the new president. Also yesterday, CNN said Nancy Sinatra was angry about her father’s song ‘My Way’ being performed at the inauguration. Again, not true. “Why do you lie?”, Sinatra asked CNN.
Allow me to answer, Mrs. Sinatra. They lie because they feel it their duty to do so. The left have stumbled upon something they never used to believe in: objective evil. Previously, morality to the left was at best a suggestion, at worst a social construct kept alive by superstitious simpletons. Concepts such as good and evil were illusory, a figment of the Bible Belt’s imagination. Right and wrong were determined by progressive dogma and judgment was to be handed down by the nanny state.
That was until they met the devil himself, Donald J. Trump.
Now the left have discovered the great boogey man, and in doing so have given themselves carte blanche to use any tactic at their disposal to bring him down. Ethics and integrity are luxury attributes to be displayed during good times, but these are anything but good times to the leftist media establishment. None of this was supposed to happen. Donald Trump broke all the rules set in place by our morally superior statist overlords. Hours of hand-wringing by Ivy League pundits blanketed the airwaves. Members of the oppressed class spoke out forcefully. Insults were supposed to be a one way street. No one defies the language police and gets away with it; certainly not a rich, white male. Yet, he did…and worse, he won.
An upset of this magnitude has dire implications for those who have tasked themselves with the job of shaping public opinion. After all, if a man can withstand an all out assault of the sort we’ve seen over the last eighteen months, what kind of influence does the mainstream media really have? Well, not much. The reality check delivered on Nov. 8th should have been the wake-up call that’s been so sorely needed the last few decades. Instead, it was a green light to throw caution to the wind. The end of Donald Trump now justifies whatever means used to achieve it. The media have been diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the form of a brash billionaire who’s outsmarted them at every turn and, if they’re to survive, it must be removed forthwith. The only unforgivable sin is not to fight with everything one has, be it an outlandish dossier circulated by political operatives or a fake quote from Ole Blue Eyes’ daughter. Morality has indeed become objective and the object is survival.
What is sure to be advertised as “a return to old school investigative journalism” is nothing more than the violent death throes of an increasingly irrelevant institution. We can expect anything and everything to be thrown our way over the next few years, and that’s exactly why we’ll win– we know it’s coming. They’ll never bring him down because they don’t understand how he rose in the first place. Ever consumed by an obsession to exact wrath upon the figure they detest, they’re completely oblivious to the fact that Trump himself personifies a righteous vengeance. They deserve the arson that is Donald Trump. And we deserve to watch them burn.

JANUARY 21 · THE DAILY TRUMP fb group by Trey Vaught

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