First blog post

Welcome to Follow the Money blog.  We are a group of citizen investigative researchers seeking the truth and justice.  If you’ve followed our group, you know we take great efforts to gather reputable verified facts on the topics we search.  The team is active in several avenues including political corruption, government misconduct, financial fraud, cyber crimes, elite power tripping and even saving the children thru human trafficking investigations. We will be sharing our finding in several media outlets including this blog.  In connection with Right Side News website, we will help foster the exposure and righting of wrongs by those in powerful politics and financial places.  Our new youtube series will also coincide with our message and will be presented in an easy to Follow the Money, Follow the Corruption format.  While our original group of researchers is based in our Facebook group, we have gathered and organized our massive trove of information in an easy to follow Trello board titled the same.  If you would like to join our team of researchers please message me and we will discuss possible avenues that best suit us both.  Looking forward to sharing our findings, reading your comments and righting the wrongs perpetrated upon our families, our friends, our country, our citizens and especially our children.


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